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How many properties have you sold in my area?


Sellers quite rightly want to know how many properties we have sold in a particular country or an area of the country. We are advertising platform that offers huge exposure to foreign buyers many of our agents have used our services for many years

We advertise listings in over 50 countries on behalf of property developers, real estate agents and homeowners. Each country has differing demands and the real estate we list ranges from land, city apartaments, to luxury homes

Our marketing generates hundreds of enquiries each day from international buyers searching for real estate in another country.

Buyers range from lifestyle buyers such as retirees, vacation home or second home buyers, people seeking to relocate to international real investors interested in returns on investments.

If you present your real estate competitively priced (buyers always compare like for like on the internet) with good images or videos and a description that appeals to someone from overseas you have a great opportunity to find a buyer and its huge international network offers a new source of buyers not found locally. 

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