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How will i get my enquiries if I don't add my phone number to my advert?


It's not wise to add a phone number to your advert as this will attract Spam and those seeking to defraud you. Also your phone number may be added to lists and sold to others who may also had bad intentions. We encourage you to deal with potential buyers by email 

Your enquiries from

Our buyers will select Request Details from your listings and complete a short form. The enquiry is sent to you subject to anti spam and anti bot checks. We also intervene where we think the email is suspicious are we detect unusual behaviour. This may result in delays to receiving your enquiry

How quick will i receive my enquiries from the network?
All leads go through anti-spam and anti-bot checks before you receive them. We aim to deliver only qualified leads so some machine & human checks are performed before forwarding a lead to you. Some leads from the network may delivered to you with a short delay, normally less then 24 hours.

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