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What should I include in my property description?

Follow attracts international buyers that can include those looking to buy a property for relocation, immigration, second home abroad, retirement, investment purposes or to own an income generating vacation home. It’s a good idea to have the type of buyer in mind.

Write a property description aimed at foreign buyers

One thing for sure is that you should always explain the advantages of the location. Never assume the reader will know what makes the location so attractive. So always highlight that location advantages such as

  • Local attractions
  • Leisure facilities
  • The proximity to airports, stations major communications
  • How close you are to major cities and towns

 Think about property investors

Many of buyers are actually investors, some look to spread the risk of a property portfolio by buying real estate in different parts of the world. They will want to know about the possible rental value of your home and if your property is actually good value for money. Good access to transport links will always help sell a property to an investor

Be mindful of the length of your property description 

You may be surprised to know that the best property descriptions are long enough to give the reader important information but short enough that it invites and enquiry to learn more.

Keep it short

Sure, there is so much about your home that needs to be revealed, but a property description should not exceed 250 words. Remember that a property description should drive the homebuyer to enquire about more information.

Tell the truth

It's pointless extending the truth about any aspects of the property and in some countries you may be breaking the law. 

Don’t write in capital letters!

While you may think that writing in caps will capture a homebuyer’s attention, what you may not be aware of is that writing in caps tells the reader that you are essentially shouting your entire property description at them.

Sure, you can write a catchy headline in caps for effect (instead of writing “Home with large backyard,” write, “A Gardener’s Paradise), but do not write the entire property description that way or people will skip over your listing.

Avoid spelling mistakes

First impressions count and a description full of typos does not give confidence to a buyer that they are dealing with the best person. 

Use great language where you can

It's time to show your enthusiasm and passion for the property. Using words like “beautiful,” “turn-key” and “gorgeous” in your property description will capture the attention of potential homebuyers, so use them to your advantage when describing your home for sale.

Using words like “stunning,” “fantastic” and “gorgeous” in your property description will capture the attention of potential homebuyers, so use them to your advantage when describing your home for sale.

Be descriptive

I could go on and on with descriptive words such as, comfortable, stylish, luxurious, magnificent, elegant, and practical, but it is ultimately up to you to create a property description that sells your home to a potential homebuyer.

Remember what aspect of the home you fell in love with and explain why in the description

Don’t discriminate

Your objective is to sell your home, so it is in your best interest to avoid words like: “perfect for family,” “no children,” “Christian,” and “close to synagogue,” Keep your sale neutral and provide these details only once the buyer makes a comment about having a big family or being religious.


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