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How do I list my property on


Prepare to list

It's best to make some preparation before listing with us. This should include having your photos ready and easily accessible from your device or computer. Have at hand your full address and prepared a property description. Remember price you listing to sell and ensure that you competitively buyers will always compare your listing with others

Decide on the best sellers packages

We offer two distinctive packages that will help you advertise your home to international buyers you can compare these here 

Listing your property for sale by owner

  1. Register with us here selecting from the drop down " I have a property to sell"
  2. Once in your account area verify your email address
  3. Once verified select 'Add Property For Sale'
  4. Then follow our step by step advert creation wizard
  5. Step 6 allows you to preview your advert.
  6. Make payment to put your listing live

It's a good idea to make an enquiry from your listing to ensure that you receive our notification emails

You can edit your listing at anytime 

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