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What is the best photo to use as my main photo?


Your main photo is the most important of all of your photos and may even be the most important part of your listing! This photo will be the very first photo that a potential buyer will see in the property search results

Make sure to use a photo that makes potential buyers want to see more. When selecting a photo to use as your main photo, it is best to use a picture of the front of the home or property. Always prepare before you take a photo remove rubbish bins and plant pots wit dead flowers etc 

Sometimes less is more

If you have poor photos of the property its best to leave them out of your listing, one poorly taken photo could harm your ability to attract a buyer. We have seen small bathrooms look even smaller when taken badly

Invite and Entice

Most people will be drawn in by an "inviting" photo; one that is taken during the daytime and looks like a nice, clean property.  If you are selling a holiday or land, you may want to choose a photo that shows the location.

The goal is to entice potential buyers to read more about your property and click through your additional photos.

Remove personal belongings and paperwork

Ensure your photos don't contain personal paperwork and personal belongings. Your photos are your advert and they will be made available to thousands of people each day

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